Innaugural post: All-star Game in Glendale?

As per “Pro Hockey Talk”, an All-Star game in the near future is rumored to be held in the near future. It is a controversial decision by Bettman and could be debated as to whether or not it would benefit the league as a whole. Honestly, I myself have been questioning Bettman’s sanity a whole bunch since last October, however I could see why this could benefit the NHL.


Think about it like this. Say you have absolutely no interest in soccer, but then the MLS All-star game is hosted in your home town. Maybe you’ll check out the game to watch the best soccer players in the league compete, and then you find out that “This sport isn’t half bad.” Say that were to happen to some few hundred people, they get there buddy’s into soccer, and before you know it, the people of that state all become soccer fans, and the MLS makes mad profit. So if that happened in Glendale, it might just become a big hockeytown. Obviously its a small chance it happens on such a grand scale, but it’s worth a try because Bettman just made such a big deal about keeping the ‘yotes around.